Spectral Labs Puts on the After Burners at Dyess AFB

Spectral Labs is proud of our RAVEN lead software engineer, Matt Hayden, who has joined the very small club of individuals who have performed a Jet Engine Test Run! Last week, Spectral Labs visited Dyess AFB where we put our RAVEN-ETS VR training to the test. Having trained using RAVEN-ETS, Matt performed real hands-on engine runs and took the tests required for Airmen seeking to be engine run certified.

Read more about RAVEN-ETS VR Training here.

Read more about our Dyess visit here. Or, watch a video!

Spectral Labs’ COVID-19 Response

Spectral Labs is committed to protecting the health of our customers, employees, and community during this pandemic. To keep a safe environment, we have taken many steps to minimize work related physical contact and are continuously keeping up to date with proper precautions. Some of these measures include:

  • Practicing strict social distancing and using personal protective equipment while working on site.
  • Washing hands frequently and wiping down work surfaces, tools, and other points of contact with disinfecting wipes while working on site.
  • Limiting employees working on site. Working remotely from home whenever possible.
  • Utilizing phone, email, and meeting tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams not only to communicate with our customers, but to coordinate with each other.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our facility more frequently

We are closely monitoring the situation and following guidelines recommended by the US Government, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and San Diego County Health to continue at the best of our ability to perform work.

Spectral Labs’ New Building

Spectral Labs is excited to announce the opening of our new space at 15930 Bernardo Center Drive! Our new facility is located across the lot from our other building, and is a needed expansion as our company has grown. The new space features a new production space downstairs with a space for our Technology Training Division upstairs.