Custom Training Solutions

Custom Training Solutions

Spectral Labs has a long history of creating custom software training solutions for our customers.

Why custom training?

Our customized training can target the most difficult to access parts of your training. Whether it is running through a hypothetical emergency situation that cannot be trained for easily in the real world such as a chemical spill or a fire breaking out or a specialized piece of equipment such as an engine test cell, Spectral Labs can create training that will effectively simulate these pieces.

Customize and Design Your Training

One of the cornerstones to our success in creating training solutions that satisfy our customers is our dedication to working closely with you to tailor and design the training. Our passion for getting it right means you provide the expertise, and we build the technology around that. You become part of the design team, and we customize the training to your lesson plans.

Variety of Training Mediums

Spectral Labs has experience in creating training on large number of platforms including computer standalone programs, WebGL modules (standalone website), mobile apps, programs interfaced with Moodle (a course management system), and VR (including both Oculus and Vive headsets). Each platform has differing levels of immersion, cost, and ease-of-access which allows us to accommodate any need.

Specialized Equipment and Instrumentation

Spectral Labs specializes in completely simulating instrumentation. We have worked on instrumentation including radiation detectors, chem & explosive trace detectors, engine calibration units, engine test cells, custom software, and more. Our attention to detail combined with realistic training simulations allows trainees to accumulate as close to real instrument practice as possible.


More information on these projects may be found on their respective pages.

RAVEN-ETS: Spectral Labs’ VR training software for the calibration and operation of engine test cells. A customer testimony and article may be found here.

RAILS: A comprehensive suite of training aimed at law enforcement and first responders that addresses training for Rad/Nuc, Chemical, and Explosives Trace Detectors.

Gamma Gear: A WebGL-based module created for the Canada Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) teaching radiation basics & radiation search techniques. The module may be played here.

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