HD-732D Air Particle Samplers 

Design, Fabricate, Test 1200 HD-732D Air Particle Samplers 

Project Summary: SLI was awarded this program to design and produce a quantity of 1200 HD-732D Air Particle Samplers on a five year ordering agreement that will run through 2020. It includes development and production of three (3) prototypes, Technical Manuals, and a Technical Repair Standard. It also required Mil-Spec Testing of the Prototype Units. SLI successfully completed these activities in July 2015 and has begun the five-year production phase of the program, having delivered the first 110 HD-732D units to the field as of May 2016. The Navy Program Managers have expressed satisfaction with the performance of SLI on the HD-732D program based on timely delivery of quality products that comply with the specified technical contract requirements and responsiveness to the Navy RADIAC Program needs. All milestones have been met and the budget has been very cost effective for the Government, being over 25% lower than the nearest technically qualified bidder.