RAVEN-ETS is Spectral Labs’ simulation and training tool for the operation and calibration of jet engine test cells. The training features complete voice guided lessons as well as an unguided mode.

Realistic and Immersive

The VR training environment of RAVEN-ETS allows trainees to fully immerse in the training. Our detailed virtual environment allows trainees to run engine test cell runs and calibrations as though they were in the training environment — all without using fuel or risking equipment damage. RAVEN-ETS also has the capability of running emergency scenarios such as a fire breakout or a compressor stall.

Left: Image of real test cell Right: RAVEN-ETS

“I have never been more engaged. We can teach the students better by giving the students a more entertaining and interactive way of learning.”

Master Sgt. Nathan Cyr, 335th Training Squadron
PMEL career field training manager


Besides the test cell itself, RAVEN-ETS includes many simulated instruments which, combined with VR, allows trainees to practice with realistic interfaces. Trainees may grab and hook up hoses, operate throttles, and navigate specialized software throughout training modules.


Engine test cell calibration requires teamwork to accomplish properly and efficiently. RAVEN-ETS features a multiplayer mode in which two trainees may realistically practice calibration procedures. This mode may be played locally or over the internet using two headsets, testing coordination and team skills.