Strategic Vision

Spectral Labs is dedicated to being a world class source of innovative, yet practical, solutions to problems encountered by programs of importance to our National interest

To achieve this vision, Spectral Labs has and will continue to:

  • Commit to ensure that the reliability, timelines, and quality in our products and services exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity
  • Employ people of exceptional creativity, expertise and determination who work as a team with each other and our customers
  • Apply the principles of employee ownership to motivate and unite our employees as well as drive growth and entrepreneurship
  • Recognize and reward outstanding employee performance in ways that are consistent with employee ownership
  • Commit to meeting our financial goals to sustain our ability for technical growth and market diversification
  • Foster a harmonious working environment that encourages technical objectivity, professional and financial growth and entrepreneurial freedom
  • Commit to remaining a good citizen of the national technical community
  • Commit to being a good citizen of our resident communities
  • Commit to a long-term relationship with our customers, supporting and maintaining the technological performance of the products and services they acquire from us

Our corporate vision is to grow Spectral Labs to better serve our customers, our employees, and our country

Spectral Labs Financial Conflict of Interest Policy: