About Us

Photograph of Spectral Labs Employees

About Us

Our primary objective is to turn targeted technologies into commercially viable products. We are located in San Diego County, between Poway and Rancho Bernardo in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

SLI is ready to tailor our almost a century of safety and security product research and development experience in the fields of sensor system electronics, signal processing algorithms, and robotics to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise has been demonstrated in many projects where our staff has minimized non recurring engineering costs while keeping an acute look at effective and economical product life cycle performance.


We value veterans in our workplace! Spectral Labs is honored to be a recipient of the 2020 HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Award.

Our Staff Experience Includes:

  • Professional Product Development Program Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • C++ / C# Software Programming
  • Embedded Software Developing
  • Numerical Analysis, Modeling and Systems Simulation
  • Test Engineering
  • 3D Simulation Modeling and Design


The SPECTRAL LABS mission is to leverage our broad technical skill set and the product development passion of our Employee Owners to innovate practical, high-quality solutions developed through a keen focus on customer requirements.


SPECTRAL LABS INCORPORATED (SLI) offers engineering services in a variety of technical disciplines spanning development stages from R&D through production.  Our experience and passion lies in product development and manufacturing of instrumentation that encompasses advanced scientific concepts, innovative signal processing, and state of the art electronics to create useful products. We have internal product development projects underway, but are available to help with any portion of your project needs. SLI is a business that has been structured with a very low overhead so that we can provide the most competitive rates for highly skilled technical professionals, who have all the tools and industry experience to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Tools and Services

Design and Analytic Tools and Proficiencies that our staff can provide include:

  • Integrated Electrical Engineering design using the Altium Design Package which optimizes solutions over the entire design process from system simulation to final circuit production. SLI will minimize your non-recurring cost and time to market when launching a revenue producing product.
  • Algorithm development, data analysis, and radiation transport modeling using the latest design tools including MATLAB R2009b, MCNP5 / MCNPX, Geant 4, and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Test and Calibration Engineering Proficiency including conducting a complete suite of Mil-Standard and industry testing including, but not limited to:
    • High impact Shock – Mil-Std-901D
    • Structure borne noise – Mil-Std-740
    • Vibration, Temperature Extremes and Temperature Shock – Mil-Std-810F
    • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing – Mil-Std-461E
    • Flow and Hydrostatic Testing
    • Certification Testing for UL, CE Mark and FCC Part B testing.
  • Computer based Technical Training development including 3D simulated environments.