SLI Has Been Awarded Commercialization Contract for Handheld Anomaly Resolution Tool (HART)


This Spectral Labs Incorporated program is for the commercialization of the MultiFunction Wand (MFW) technology developed in a FY10.2 SBIR Phase II program, which will be known as HART going forward.. The MFW full body screening tool will be repackaged into HART, which will be suitable for resolving detections from other systems in a screening environment. The outcome of this program will be six Test Units capable of undergoing government testing in operational environments. The technology is intended to fill a defined TSA need and will have applications in other security screening environments.

SLI Has Been Awarded a Phase II SBIR Contract for RadMATE!

SLI is excited to announce the successful award of a Phase II contract to continue efforts to create the RadMATE Mobile Reachback App. This app will be available for both Android and iOS devices, and will support direct connections with popular RIIDs. Below is a description of the project:

The risk of an adversary mounting a Radiological or Nuclear (RAD/NUC) attack on the United States remains one of the greatest threats to our Nation. The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) has identified an opportunity for exploiting rapidly emerging Smart Phone technology as one of many tools to counter this threat by giving Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and Emergency Responders (ERs) support on their local Smart Phones or Tablets to significantly enhance their ability to properly adjudicate encounters with radiation sources. The classification of RAD/NUC threats is challenging because the terrestrial environment includes significant radiation background. This includes Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and many legal medical and industrial sources. Providing officers and responders with up to date support through an in hand Smart Phone or Tablet will optimize their defensive response throughout the Nation. The Smart Phone support will automate and standardize communications with centralized authorities. The benefits will include minimized burden on operators and eliminating the need for a specialized laptop computer with instrumentspecific Reachback software. SLI’s proposed development of radMATE will combine all of these elements in a powerful software package to provide a user friendly Smart Phone App that is easily adaptive to individual agency requirements.