Product Details

RN-Suite has a 200+ ft. Exercise Range and:

  • Covers a targeted selection of ANSI N42.34 standard sources
  • With optional travel-friendly battery option, kit can easily be used outdoors and areas without easy access to electrical outlets
  • Easy to travel with – kit is easily carried on or checked
  • Can emulate the RadEye PRD, RadEye GF, Packeye, Identifinder 2, and more.
  • Provided scenario cards make it easy to set up a scenario, including:
    • Wide area search in a parking lot
    • Pedestrian chokepoint
    • Venue sweep in a stadium
    • Traffic chokepoint
  • Can cover two floors in a typical office building
  • Tracks source and detector locations with ≤ 0.5m accuracy.

The RN-Suite can simulate a wide array of radiological sources, is highly reliable, easily transportable, user friendly, ruggedized, low cost, and compatible with most of the commonly utilized RAD/NUC detection devices utilized by end users. The product is capable of the following:

  • Includes/enables physical object representing the virtual source in training scenarios
  • Used for detection and localization training in static source/moving detector and moving source/static detector scenarios
  • Enables end-users to enter a new facility, set-up the system, and begin training in under 1 hour, with minimal vendor service/training
    • Set-up time includes a system ready and capable for various building layouts and materials, as well as human operator shielding affects.
  • Locates source and operator with ≤ 0.5m accuracy
Instrument skins including the RadEye, identiFINDER 2, and PackEye

What’s in the Kit?

  • 1 x RN-SUITE Travel Suitcase with integrated AC extension cord and 3 integral USB-C for phones
  • 1 x 5V 5A Power Supply (for Base Station and Beacon Charging)
  • 1 x Base Station
  • 10 x Fully Customizable Beacons
  • 1 x Beacon Charging Rack
  • 3 x Moto G Play Phone with RadLIVE app (to simulate radiation and chemical detectors)
  • 3 x Vests (used to hold shield beacons to simulate body shielding)
  • RN-SUITE Scenario Cards

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