Next Gen Air Particle Detector (NGAPD)


Project Summary: SLI is a Major Subcontractor to LEIDOS on the US Navy Next Gen Air Particle Detector (NGAPD) program. NGAPDs are being deployed in multiple locations on all US Navy Submarines and Aircraft Carriers. The unit collects air on a filter that is automatically positioned for readout by a Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon (PIPS) sensor. The resulting reading of Beta and Alpha particulates serves as a safety monitor for the crew as well as an indicator of reactor performance issues. SLI developed the system control and user interface software, the fixed filter air particle concentration algorithm, and the circuitry for high speed sensor data processing. SLI also planned and conducted all of the environmental and EMI tests. After the prototype phase with three teams, the LEIDOS/SLI team was selected to proceed with production. SLI is producing the PC-104 based computer system, the control panel with GUI, the PIPS sensor interfaces and Multichannel Analyzer circuitry, and the Upper Pressure Vessel with the Air Pumping Subsystem.